Faculty of Pharmacy
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Department of Pharmacology Undergraduate Education

Department of Pharmacology Undergraduate Education


Course Catalogue

Bachelor Education

ECF 272 Pharmacology I 


ECF 375 Pharmacology II


ECF 378 Pharmacology III


ECF 479 Pharmacology IV


ECF 411 Applied Pharmacology I 


ECF 412 Applied Pharmacology II


ECF 413 Good Pharmacy Practice


ECF 511 Pharmacological Methods in Drug Research


ECF 410 Rational Drug Use Practices I


ECF 569 Rational Drug Use Practices II


TIP 102 Anatomy-Physiology I


TIP 201 Anatomy-Physiology II


Health Services Vocational School

Pharmacy Services Technician Program Courses


ECF 105 Medical Terminology  


ECF 107 Drug Information for Pharmacy Technicians I


ECF 207 Drug Information for Pharmacy Technicians II