Faculty of Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy Research Areas

Research Areas:

Clinical Pharmacy Department was established in order to maintain the courses of Clinical Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Care and internships (hospital and community settings) programmes at undergraduate level; to maintain the content of education as ‘patient-oriented’ in order to satisfy the requirements of the profession; to have graduated students as properly skilled and well-educated clinical pharmacists on specialised areas who can work as multidisciplinary at hospitals units; to maintain professional development education for community pharmacists who need to improve and implement the provision of patient-oriented pharmacy services; to gather a new vision for a pharmacy profession and to provide required skills for an integrated care into practice; to spread the implementations of clinical pharmacy on pharmacy practices in which improves public health and also patient’s compliance. Therefore, Clinical Pharmacy Department undertakes researches on the role of pharmacist on public health issues, chronic diseases and its management, drug and poision information centre, nutritional support units and oncology practices.